To bring your living room alive, nothing beats the magic that wallpaper can create. You can literally create any look that is close to your heart. It can be anything, right from a delicate design to something quirky and out of the box! Here are some wallpaper design ideas that will give a face-lift to your living room.

1) Get the jungle feel

Convert a plain and boring room into a colourful jungle with wallpaper. You can choose exotic plants to bring in the feel. Set the furniture with the jungle theme in mind and see how your space evokes everyone’s imagination.

2) Install wallpaper on your furniture

Wallpaper is not just for the walls. You can get it installed on your furniture too! It will definitely make a solid style statement! In case your furniture looks outdated, you can up-cycle it with wallpaper without burning a hole in your pocket!

3) Choose vibrant colours

Your living room can have a rainbow of colours. The vibrant shades you choose will make your space look lively! All you need to do is to match your wallpaper with the rest of the décor the right way so that it does not look overdone.

4) Go floral

Those of you who love nature would like floral wallpaper. However, you would require balancing it all out by keeping the furnishings soft. Doing so will make your interiors look sober and sophisticated.

5) Add some drama

The bold wallpaper design is a must-have for those who like to add some drama to their living space. It has to be something eye-catching and different from the rest of the room.

6) Get classic

If you are a lover of the bygone era, you can display that on your walls. You can actually play with different patterns. Choose wallpaper that has a classic print on it and ensures that it matches the room’s furnishings and décor.

So, now you have a rough idea of how you would like the décor of the living room to be. Go ahead and change the look and feel of your space with interesting wallpaper of your choice!