Does your wardrobe look old and worn out? Don’t worry as there are many ways of giving it a face-lift with wallpaper. In fact, you can change the whole look of your room by choosing the right wall covering for your wardrobe.

Picking your clothes from an unattractive looking wardrobe will remove the element of fun from dressing up. With some interesting wallpaper on the inside of your wardrobe, you can turn to select clothes into a task that you look forward to each day! Many interior designers suggest using wallpaper on the interior of closets and wardrobes.

There are different wallpaper patterns for wardrobes of various sizes:

1) Small spaces

The interior of a small wardrobe looks the best when decorated with wallpaper having close-knit patterns.

2) Large wardrobe

A larger wardrobe will look good with bigger patterns and textures.

Designs for different genders

In case, it is a ladies-only wardrobe, you can choose a feminine pattern or shade as per your personal preferences. However, a space that is shared or is required to look gender-neutral can have a more generalized design.

Selecting the wallpaper

After deciding the pattern, design and the feel you would like the wallpaper to have, you can select the wallpaper from the gallery of Make Our Wall. Choosing Make Our Wall will provide you with the best wallpaper experience. There are endless options for you. Right from floral designs to graphic patterns, you can find almost everything! Choose colours and patterns that are your favorite so that each time you open the wardrobe, your heart gets filled with happiness!

Why wallpaper is a popular choice?

Wallpaper is the most convenient option when you choose to revamp your interiors. Installing it just takes just a day, unlike paint that is time-consuming and messy too. The application of wallpaper is easy and in case you want to change it after some time, it can be easily removed. You can install it on your own too but having a friend along with you will ensure that there are no bubbles. Before installing the wallpaper, get the surface ready which is the wardrobe in this case. Take out all the clothes and wipe the surface and you are good to go! So, get ready to give your wardrobe a new look!