Delivery & Return

I am based out of Delhi-NCR. Is it still possible to order wallpaper from your website?

Yes, of course, you can. We provide our services all over india.

How much time does the wallpaper delivery take?

As soon as you place an order with us, the processing begins and the dispatch is made with in 2 to 3 working days. The shipment takes an additional 3 to 5 days to reach the destination.

Are there extra charges for shipping?

No, we provide free shipping of wallpapers to our customer's within India. You can give us any address in India and the wallpaper will be delivered there. 

Are you shipping to other countries?

No, At present, we are not haing this service, But twe are planing to start it very soon.

Can I return the wallpaper if I don’t like it?

Sorry, you can’t return it. A lot of effort is put from our end in customizing and printing the wallpaper according to your choice. After it has been delivered, it can’t be returned. Please look at our Return Policy for more details.

What are the conditions under which I can return my wallpaper?

The wallpaper can be sent back to us in case of the following:

  • When you receive a damaged package or one that has been tampered with, don’t accept such a package. You can ask the delivery executive to take it back. Also, please inform us about the incident through email so that we can take the right action.

  • If the design and size of the wallpaper are not as per the details provided by you while placing the order, you will have to contact the customer care and tell them about the error within 24 hours of receiving the package. Please email us the photo of the erroneous order within that time span. Kindly return us the order in its original packaging within 5 days. You will have to bear the shipping cost involved. Have a look our return policy for more clarity. 

Is it possible to get my wallpaper exchanged?

Exchange is possible only when you receive a defective order or one that does not match your design and size specifications. In such a situation, you will be resent a new order. Kindly go through our Return Policy for further information.

The color of my wallpaper is not like what I had seen on my computer. Is it possible to return it?

The photos on our website including wallpaper designs are synced to the apple & windows operating system. Users are requested to view our website on an any compatible devices. Also, there can be a slight difference between actual print and what is visible on your screen. Though we try hard from our end to ensure that you get what you have seen on our website, you can’t return the wallpaper once it has been delivered to you. Please have a look at our Return Policy for more information.

Can my money be refunded?

Sorry, we don’t offer refunds for the wallpapers we send to the customers. If at all you receive a defective or incorrect wallpaper that is not as per the specifications you mentioned while placing the order, we are willing to exchange the order. For more details please go through our Return policy