How To Measure

When you are getting wallpaper installed for your home or office premises, the right size matters the most because:

1) You would not want to purchase extra wallpaper rolls that just keep lying around in a corner. 
2) You might not want to have a shortage of rolls too or else you won’t be able to cover the whole area.
3) You won’t like half-hearted work with the corners of the wallpaper sticking out. 

So, after you decide the design of the wallpaper, the next step would be to measure its size so that the walls get covered up beautifully. 

To measure the size of the wallpaper, you need to choose between a full wall covering and a partial wall covering. Here is how to go about the measurements for both the options:

Full wall coverings

Width – Take the measurement of the horizontal distance of the wall from one corner to the other.

Height – Take the measurement of vertical height from one corner to another. In case the walls are not perfect squares, there can be a difference in heights. Make sure that you select the height measurement that is on the higher side.

Partial wall coverings

Mark the area that you want to cover with wallpaper.

Width – Take the measurement of the horizontal distance between the marks you have made.

Height - Take the measurement of the vertical height at the corner of the marks. You might want to cover different heights and when there is a difference in heights you should select the one with a higher value. 

Most of the wallpaper designs made by us are quite flexible and allow a little bit of trimming at the edges to provide you with a perfect finish. To ensure that the measurements are accurate, you must use a measuring tape. Don’t forget to add a few additional inches on the sides of the wallpaper so that things don’t go out of hand if you make a mistake while measuring. 

Important Note:
To make sure that the wallpaper does not fall short during installation, add a few extra inches to the width and height of the wallpaper while placing the order with us. For example, if the height of your walls is 118”, kindly enter 120”. Repeat the same for the width. For further details, all you need to do is to get in touch with us via email at or call us on +91 844-845-5571