HP NON-PVC Matt Finish Wallpaper

Matt finish wallpapers get their vibrant colours and shades by the American thickened, smooth matt finish paper that is used for printing. The paper is a fire retardant and is water-resistant. Getting matt finish wallpaper installed is very easy as you only need to use water.

Here are the features of the matt finish wallpaper:

  • The wallpaper has a smooth texture.

  • It is resistant to water

  • The colours are eco-friendly

  • There is a 0.25” joint overlap

  • Can be installed with water alone

HP PVC-Free wallpaper specifications 


175 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method


178 microns/7 mil per ISO 534 Test Method


83% per ISO 2470 Test Method


85 per ISO 11475 Test Method



Operating Temperature

15 to 30° C / 59 to 86° F

Operating Humidity

15 to 80% RH

Display Permanence

20+ years, away from direct sun with HP Latex Inks

Water Resistance

Water resistant with HP Latex Inks

Flame Resistance

Class A approved fire certification

Shelf Life

1 year, unopened in original packaging

Storage Temperature

15 to 30° C / 59 to 86° F

Storage Humidity

15 to 80% RH



The large format printing materials of Hewlett-Packard meet the specifications made by HP and are having the warranty of being free of defects in workmanship and material. There are certain warranty limitations though. You can see the Limited warranty statement at. www.hp.com/go/HPMediaWarranties.

Certification Documents (PDF Downloads)