Installation Method

The best part about our wallpapers is that they are designed for mess-free and installation method. With the use of a little water, you can install the wallpaper with minimal effort and without wastage of material.

When you purchase wallpapers from us, we send along with a detailed instruction manual that illustrates the positioning and alignment of the wallpaper. You simply need to follow the instructions and the end result would be attention-grabbing customized walls.

Here are the 10 steps you need to follow to install your wallpaper:

  • Ensure that the wall surface is free of any damages and is smooth enough to install the wallpaper. Remove debris from the surface with a wet sponge.

  • Mark the area on the wall that you are going to cover. 

  • Loosely roll the wallpaper print with the printed side facing inwards. 

  • The rolled print needs to be dipped in water and stay submerged for 15 seconds.

  • After removing the print from the water, fold it with the printed side facing outwards for about a minute. 

  • Place the wallpaper on the wall so that they overlap the marks you made on the wall earlier.

  • The wallpaper pane needs to be smoothed out with the help of a sponge. Level up all the bubbles at this stage. There is no need to worry about the smaller bubbles as they will get evaporated automatically when the wallpaper dries up.

  • Using a sponge, remove the excess water and allow the print to dry for 15 to 30 minutes. 

  • You need to get the extra material at the corners trimmed using a sharp knife.

Your wall will get a fresh lease of life!

It is better to do such DIY jobs with a friend especially when the wall surface to be covered is huge! 

For all other printing materials or for bigger sizes wallpaper installation,you need specialised installers for installation of wallpapers, please go to our installation network section to see the cities, we covered, for installation services.