Printing Material

We use the best material from all over the world to make sure that the colors and designs look amazing on eco-friendly printing material. We get matt paper from the US, The canvas texture from Netherlands and glitter from Korea. You have options to choose from namely Smooth Matt, Texture, Glitter and others. You won’t find these options in regular wallpapers. Select your design and the paper type to get the wallpaper of your liking. It is simple and customized at the same time. There are certain designs that work well on some papers. Most customers are not clear as to what they should choose. So, here is some help:

1. HP NON-PVC matt finish wallpaper

This one has a rough texture with a fabric-like finish. Nature-inspired images will look quite appealing on the wallpaper of this texture. It will bring living rooms and bedrooms to life.

2. Textured wallpaper

A non-textured and smooth finish is perfect for schools, hospitals, and children’s rooms. Maintenance of matt wallpapers is quite low. Cartoon images and colorful sports images look great on this paper.

3. Glitter wallpaper

The glittered look of this paper is great for abstract designs and backgrounds as well as space themes. It works really well for both homes and offices.

4. MOW royal touch wallpaper

Get the quintessential royal look by choosing our royal touch wallpaper for your interiors. Revamp the ambiance of your living spaces with this wallpaper and see how the walls turn into a treat for the eyes.

5. MOW lined wallpaper

The line wallpaper is apt when you want your walls to have a different look. Choose between horizontal and vertical lines as per your preference. Both the options will look great in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

6. MOW NON-Woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is made out of natural and synthetic fibers. It is of the breathable kind and is, therefore, best suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Being washable, tear-resistant, easy to install and eco-friendly, non-woven wallpaper is definitely a great choice.