Production and Shipping

When you choose our website, all you need to do from your end is to provide your wallpaper requirements. The remaining stuff will be taken care of by our team. It will be ensured that your custom wallpaper is just like how you wanted it to be with regard to colour, size, design, and theme. 

Look at the steps involved in processing your order and getting it shipped to your place:

Step 1: Converting your wallpaper design to a blueprint
After selecting the wallpaper design, stating the specifications and placing the order your work ends and ours begins. We create a blueprint of your custom order and ensure that the size and design/image is exactly as specified by you. 

Step 2: Review of quality and specifications
In this step, our team scrutinizes the tiniest details of the wallpaper blueprint. A review of the size, colour, and quality of the image is done and before it goes for printing all the personalized details get added to the wallpaper design. 

Step 3: Customized printing using eco-friendly technology
While printing the wallpaper we make use of advanced digital latex printing technology which is eco-friendly. Non PVC material is used for printing the wallpaper. Apart from offering vibrant colours, a smooth finish and HD detail, this material makes sure that your wallpaper is resistant to flame, is non-toxic and is easy to install and take off. Plus, it will last for years. 

Step 4: Packaging
The next step which is getting the wallpaper ready for shipping involves rolling it in a bubble wrap so that it stays protected and packing them in cardboard tubes. This way they reach the customer in perfect condition. 

Step 5: Free doorstep delivery all over India
We offer free doorstep delivery of your wallpaper all over India when you place an order of more than Rs. 4,080/- Plus GST @18% applicable. A lot of care is taken while getting your orders shipped so that you get them in the right condition. In case our courier partners don’t ship to your area, we will inform that to you before printing the wallpaper and refund the payment in 5 working days.