Return Policy

Make Our Wall puts in all the required efforts to print the customized wallpaper as per your specifications. In spite of that, there are situations in which the product might not meet your requirements and you would want to return it. For such cases, there is the return/refund policy. 

If you place an order for the same design a month or even a week apart, there are a lot of chances of there being a difference in colour between both of them. This is because we are into custom printing of wallpapers and due to changes in the paper and ink used, the exact colours cannot be guaranteed. 

Kindly read the terms and conditions mentioned here prior to placing an order for wallpaper on our website.

Return of the product is possible when:

1) You receive a damaged order or one with tampered packaging.

2) The order does not match the size and design specifications provided by you.

Return of product with tampered packaging

In case the order you received has damaged the packaging or has been tampered with, it is strongly suggested that you don’t accept it. What you should do is:

  • Ask the courier representative to take the package back.

  • Let us know about the situation within a time frame of 24 hours by sending us an email on mentioning your unique order number so that we can take the necessary action. 

Return in case of wrong order

If upon opening the package you come to know that the wallpaper delivered to you does not match the size and design specifications that were given by you while placing the order, here is what you must do:

1) Tell us about the mistake by sending us an email on within 24 hours of receiving the order. 

2) Click a picture of the order and email the photo proof within 24 hours.

3) Send us the order back in the original packaging within a time frame of 5 working days.

Kindly make a note that when you send a damaged, defective or erroneous product back to us, you will have to bear the shipping and handling charges involved. Make Our Wall is not liable to pay for the courier and handling charges involved in sending the package back to the company. Please contact us on +91 844-845-5571 for further information or send us an email at