Use Your Own Image

Warm, welcoming and friendly, your living room can exude a variety of emotions. Your cozy bedroom can set your dreams in motion, even before you lie down and call it a day. Your child’s playroom can be a melting-pot of bedtime stories, cute mischief, and soaring ambitions. Your kitchen can stir hunger-pangs in your guests’ stomachs and your prayer room can reflect your spirituality and cultural heritage.

When you select the right wallpaper, you not only lend the right mood to every nook and corner of your living or working space but also allow your niche world to speak about you!

At Make Our Wall we give you the opportunity to create your own customized wallpapers by using your choice of images and design ideas to reflect your persona and lifestyle – and for this, you need not even be a trained design professional!

Here’s how you can use your own image to create beautiful wallpapers that tell stories about you:

Check the quality of your image

We recommend high-resolution images (200dpi or more) for sharper and larger images.

Accepted image file size: 40MB and above. For images that are larger than 40MB, please contact us to know about the method of delivery.

We accept images that are clicked using a camera larger than 8 megapixels.

Uploading your Image/ Photo/ Artwork

Accepted types of image files: .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, and .pdf

Please email your image/photo/artwork on

Additional information

Minimum wallpaper size that we accept is 48 Sq. Ft.

Please provide us with detailed instructions for personalization of your wallpaper or any additions that you want us to make to the image/photo/artwork provided by you.

Additional charges for touch-ups may vary for custom orders depending upon the amount of alteration/enhancement required by the client.